Fun for the future

My mother showed me this quote when I told her I got little too much drama in my life and it immediately freed me from a lot of drama burden. This is awesome advice, it could almost be a Yoda quote.


I planned a ton of IT-stuff to do during my vacation. I managed to do none of them.

When my vacation started, I looked at my kids and realized, I just can’t give them a boring vacation with dad sitting at the computer.

So, everything I planned the last few months just flew out the window in an instant. Priorities, priorities. Kids got the golden ticket.

I think this was just what I needed too. One month of total breakaway from work and IT.


In Espoo where I live, I watched the weather forecast and it looked like the sun hates Finland and specially Espoo.

No way! I quickly googled where is the closest place where we can enjoy the sun.

That was Åland and so I booked ferry tickets to the next day and off we go. First time in Åland for the kids and it’s been more than 30 years for me too.

I really do live “in the moment”.



I must recommend Åland to anyone who visits Finland, or anyone in Finland who have not visited Åland yet.

It’s just amazing. It’s like being abroad, when you are in Finland. There is a lot of fun things to do.

After one week in the archipelago and we went back to mainland. One night at home was enough and the walls started to fall on me.

I had to get away from home. So, next stop was 650 kilometers north to Oulu/Ylikiiminki (mother in law lives in Ylikiiminki).



davIt took me two days and the “wall phenomenon” was on me again.

I rented a recreational vehicle for the first time in my life. Did not know literally anything about “recreational vehicles”. Steep learning curve there.

This is a small dream come true. Next week we traveled trough Sweden, Norway and Finnish lappland with the family.

We saw santa’s village, santa’s reindeer, a german police car (what thee .. ?!), climbed a ski jumping slope, got lost in a bad ass candy store etc. Fun trip.






One night we were all sleeping already and I woke up to something that sounded like a tank parking next to our van.

I was too tired to check what the hell parked next to us. Next morning I rubbed my eyes. What .. the .. hell.. is that?



I believe it was some kind of a german millionaire? That bad ass six wheeler is priced at 500 000 euros and even if you got a shit load of money, you just don’t buy “recreational vehicles” you can use for vacation in Syria.

After the caravan life, I had to get to our cottage. It’s a strange place, very colorful history. It’s very close to the Finnish airforce HQ and SIGINT/ELINT HQ.


If you bring the phantom4 drone up in the air from our cottage, you can see the military buildings and airstrip.


In this picture (below) you can see the area that will probably nuked first if Finland goes to war or any other country needs to eliminate Finland as a threat.


I can’t be sure, but got a little paranoid, because every time I got the drone in the air, there was a small cessna skyhawk apering and I had to take the drone down. The cessna usually flew 5-10 minutes right above us. When it disapered, I took the drone up in the air again and .. cessna come back 🙂

I managed to fly my SECOND Phantom4 into a tree and it took some damage too. Next day I went to a local hardware store and bought myself all the tools needed to fix the drone and luckily I got it up in the air again.

Not as much damage this time. The first Phantom4 took a direct and deadly hit from the powerlines.

Vacation was coming to an end.


Now I was preparing to go back to work. I’m proud to tell, that I’ve been assigned to a team that build a completely new platform for one of the biggest energy company in Finland.

It’s 100% microservices architecture, 100% AWS cloud solution, complete CI/CD pipeline, jenkins, docker, terraform and even spinnaker and all the crazy fun agile devops is built on.

At the moment I work as the technical owner for the platform and last week we got the first service out working on this platform. Our video commercial of the service below.

sdrdav Checking out the new office for the devops-team.

Everyone who work in devops, know how hard it is to find diamond skills. The technology and standards are too young and even if microservices, cloud, IoT, AI, devops etc. are the key to the future, hands down, you will have some serious problems finding hard core skills.

To make this even harder, it’s not only the skills, the people must also work together.

I’m happy to tell, Helen have managed to get maybe the best developers in Finland. This group is pure gold. Reaktor, Motley, Cybercom and Solinor.

I found two channels where you can connect to devops-people online, in real time and find good skills fast.

First digital service is called ‘Enne‘ and it will continue to develop and there will be more and new services in the future.

Crazy interesting stuff, crazy good devops dream team and I honestly believe Helen is going to be something the digital world want to watch in the future.

I believe the future is in the digital market, the possibilities IoT, blockchain, AI, VR/AR, microservices, cloud and DEVOPS!

Just .. love .. to be where I’m now. Could not be better. My problem is that I got too much interesting and fun going on.

My own startup, slush coming, Helen and the digital services platform. Drones. IoT. AI. Bots. Cloud. Automation. VR and AR. I’m stuck in some kind of a nerd-heaven coming true.

Talking about VR. I got myself a new toy. The HTC Vive!


My 5 year old boy is so fascinated about the VR, that I think he is going to be one of the “VR natives”.

He already communicates with people in recroom and play many games as easy as I played space invaders in the 80’s.


Helen Oy got these superb partnes, Hitachi and Multicom, and we had a small cooperation event in Lappeenranta/Lappeenranta archipelago.

It was fun and I can’t praise them enough, this is the kind of partnes any successfull company needs. No bullshit, only honest and open communication.

No customer-supplier-hierarchy, but honest win-win for all parties. The true ingredients to make the the best service with the greatest quality and cost-effective solutions.

And the people working in for these companies, just, pure.. gold. Funny, crazy, open, honest and friendly people who I could easily count as personal friends.


I also went to “the first” blockchain meetup-event in Finland @ Microsoft Flux. This was pure heaven for a nerd who’s brain is shooting ideas a few times a day.

During this event this went up to ten ideas an hour 🙂 I honestly believe, blockchain will be a total game changer before 2020.


I attended a digitalistnetwork event @ Finnkinos SCAPE-hall. I feared it would be just another marketing event for .. C-suites, but I was wrong.

This really was an interesting event. It once again, put my brain on hyperdrive and I was shooting ideas a second speed.

I need to attend to digitalistnetwork-events in the future too.


I had one week of holiday again with my family @ Yyteri SPA. It was fun, mostly relaxing and a ‘CE/CF’ event (continuous eating/continuous fun).

I tried to do one week totally without any eletronic devices but this proved to be impossible because most of my unread books are on kindle.

Well, this caused, of course, me to check slack, follow the ‘Enne’ release and even log in to AWS and Azure a few times.

So much for the “no electronic devices” week.


I had to filter like 90% of the stuff I wanted to write about for different reasons, partly because even if I want to share personal stuff on the internet, there is some limits to that too (mostly when it comes to other people, I must take them into consideration).

I can’t tell everything I’m working with and then there are also places and stuff I can’t tell I’ve been visiting, not because of some super secret stuff, but some people just don’t want me to write about it.

Also, this post is already way too long for anyone to read it 🙂

Next week will be super interesting. There is some big changes at work and I’ll attend T2 infosec.

Anyway .. Here is a filtered link-spam.

New Episode Of Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ Shows Scary Possibilities of Virtual Reality

Tieto’s path to containerized OpenStack, or How I learned to stop worrying and love containers

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Auto-remediation: making an Openstack cloud self-healing

Five Signs Your Business Is Ready For Digital Transformation


Let’s make some noise again


I’ve had so much happening in my life the last two four months, that it’s going to be pure pain to try to write it into a blog post.

I’ve decided to create a post this weekend before christmas so beware. A record long post with some crazy stuff, new toys, new job, traveling etc. So much I want to write about.

It’s just amazing how much happens to you, if you just stop and think about it. It’s like a hyper intensive rpg on stereoids.

Peace and love – to continued




As you probably guess, I’ve been very busy for the last three weeks. This will be hopefully the last post before August. My summer vacation begins on Friday and I want to use those four weeks on my own pet projects (webshop, new mobile app, I’ll talk about them later in this post) and my family.

This last three weeks have been somewhat of a emotional roller coaster with extreme emotions in all directions. Bear with me, I’ll be more specific in the post. This summer I’m going to do a lot drone flying and you will hopefully see some special clips.




If you have read my earlier posts, You maybe noticed I wrote about “Emil”, a young boy that went missing and I hoped this dude will not share the same fate as one of the most brilliant minds I’ve met. Well.. He did. Quite literally. He was found drowned in the sea, just as “RM” I was referring to earlier. Just can’t even imagine the pain Emils relatives are going trough 🙁


I also write earlier about “AH” who got killed in a motorcycle accident. There was the funeral and I decided in advance that I will not cry and show how I can handle my emotions as a hard core soldier. As you maybe guess, that did not go that as planned. Tears fell and could not talk to anyone because I could not get a understandable word out of my mouth. It feels like one piece is missing in the world. I hoped my son would had time this summer to go and do all crazy things with AH as I’ve done when I was a kid. Now that will not happen and never will.



Ok, so there was sorrow and stress to some degree when I tried to be the cool dude who does not cry. At the same time, almost like fate just want to mess with my head, I was given a nice work opportunity and some extreme drama just a few days after at work. I’d like to think this as some kind of turf battle. And then, another very interesting work opportunity. I maybe write about this when I know how this will end, but we will not know before August.

Game of Thrones

I’ve managed to avoid this TV-series until now and I’ve been watching quite a few episodes from HBO Nordic. This really is that great series it promises to be. My favorite characters are Tyrion LannisterDaenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark. I had to do a “what’s your game of thrones character” test, and I got Ser Rodrik Cassel.

Putin, NATO, Russia and the whole darn world politics. 

Putin is coming to Finland on Friday. That’s kind of cool. Even if I don’t like the politics he is using, you have to admit, it’s not every day you have this world-class player, of this degree to visit your country. You don’t see Obama, Jinping or Putin visiting too often in any country and if they do, it’s planned far ahead, like months or even years. We have this, questionable honor to be very close neighbors with Russia. Personally, I’d like to see how NATO would not be some kind of Russian counterpart in the future, but as an member. We all know this will never happen, but if NATO gets dismantled and some new alliance could form from the previous members and include even Russia (and Finland), that would be the best solution ever. Together fight against everything that is threatening the human kind, not killing each other.

Putin, if you get this, come and visit me too during your stay in Finland and I’ve give you some ground level ideas to work on in the world politics 🙂 I even got some experience in playing your character in a TV-series 😀 (this was so fun, more in one of my previous posts).

I know, Finland is in a difficult position, but imagine the position Finland could be in if everything played out well. We could be the EU country that gets the benefits of EU and most benefits out of being neighbor to Russia. The possibilities is just insane. It’s that crazy big possibilities, that we just have to think twice, how we want to relate to Russia. This is why I will not blindly doom anything or any idea. Even if I’m little scared of the very big firepower close to our borders.

BREXIT, What the f***.. 

Seriously. What the F. I thought this was just pointless use of UK citizens time and insult to their intelligence. They have already negotiated insanely good advantages for UK only, in EU. They kind of had the situation where they had all the advantages from EU and minimal amount of the crappy side of EU. EU is one of the largest economies in the world, got the diplomatic power to influence almost anything in the world as one. There was literally no reason, what so ever, for UK to vote for “brexit”. I told my friends that UK will not vote for it, it’s a stupid vote. Then, on Friday when I woke up and read the news, I was shocked. What.. the .. hell? Seriously? What will we see next? Trump as US president? This brexit is so stupid, it’s almost hilarious. Man who voted for Leave says he thought his vote ‘wouldn’t count’ and is now ‘worried’. I thought this was possible only in the US.

I really don’t know how UK is going to survive this. Here is something that makes you wonder about how screwed the politics really is: People are really, really hoping this theory about David Cameron and Brexit is true.

If you are interested in a nice analysis of the military implications in brexit, I found a nice article: Defence Implications of Brexit – Further Thoughts.


These two are the “pet projects”. Redishop is going to be a webshop for strange, fun and useful items from the world. I’m going to try to negotiate to be a retail channel for crowd funded products and other hand made, unique products. I hope this shop will fund the second pet project.

Redifind is going to be a new way to connect people again. We got facebook, twitter, snapchat, whatsapp and a many more, but these “social media” apps makes it just easier to not really communicate, really learn to know the people in the world or find real new contacts and friends. What I want my redifind-app to do, is to fill a big “social media hole” and steer the evolution of human interaction on it’s right path again. I’m a little afraid that if my redifind will succeed, it will have a “zenly” problem as described in the youtube clip below and I go bankrupt with when AWS sends me their bill.

I have pet projects 3, 4 and 5. But now I have to put them “on hold”, until I know where I’m going to end up in august. Can’t change the world in one night 🙂

I got tickets to slush 2016, where I hopefully get to show of the new mobile-app.

HDS dices

Finnish HDS gave me two metallic dices some time ago. I heard the country manager is throwing these every morning and I’ve taken this habit to myself too. Here is what I got today:



There is really so much going on in the “IT” business these days, you can say this is the “golden age” of IT. There is always some development in everything, always, but now we have entered a evolutionary phase where we are going to take not one or two extreme steps, but several, at the same time. We are talking about Unix/Linux, analog/digital, internet, mobile phone, BW to color, BBS to WWW kind of evolutionary steps. Those are IoT, VR/AR, Cloud and services, BIG data and many others. All this will happen now. Not “in the future”, but now. This is the best time to be working in IT I can think of. So much new to learn, it’s like constantly pumping learning-heroin in your veins.

You know the feeling and excitement when you learn something new. It’s so fun, it’s almost like riding a roller coaster, you just need more. Much more. I’m so happy for everyone working in this field now, including myself.

My colleague showed me a youtube-video and I just had to subscribe to the channel. I immediately fell in a nerd honeypot. I’m learning so much new every day, I almost feel like I’ve never have known anything in my life. How is it possible to get this far, as I have, without knowing all this? I feel like I’m an empty bowl.


Interesting URLs:

Scrum Reference Card
Top 10 emerging technologies from the World Economic Forum
New NASA Tech to Bring Internet to the Whole Solar System
Movie written by algorithm turns out to be hilarious and intense
1st world problems, Chinese anger at Lady Gaga-Dalai Lama meeting

Howto: Getting from couch to OpenStack
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Creating a scalable API with microservices (GCE)

Iraqis use off-the-shelf drones to battle ISIS
North Korea Arming Boats with US Gatling Guns: Report
US Spies Are Building Software to Spot Your Suspicious Behavior In Live Video
Navy To Test Superlaser Of Truly Terrifying Proportions
Drone Defense: Army Anti-Artillery Radar Tracks UAVs
Cool video from Baltops 2016! This is nice nato-stuff!

Military S-nnn missile specfic:
Below the Radar: Russia’s S-400, S-500 Set to Become Invisible to Enemies
Russia’s S-350 air defense missile system prototype to be ready soon
S-400 technology helps Seoul blunt Pyongyang threat

Follow-up reminders for myself:
New projects, security, and more OpenStack news
End-to-end Training for Open Infrastructure

Have a nice summer! Love you all humans, animals, plants, universe, fate, emotions and everything. Life – is just – AWESOME!

Business and crazy sofa-store



As usual. Got a lot to do and a much have happened since the last post.

Little busines

I got a lot of ideas but no money and no investors, so I have to create money from somewhere. Let’s start with a webshop, selling the absolutely coolest things on the internet. Then, let’s start a new social media mobile app. Maybe this will be enough to start a cloud service, which could give enough revenue to make a corporate venture capital investment on my own idea and find partners to apply for the EU Horizon 2020 money. Let’s see how far I’m getting with this 🙂

We decided to start a webshop with a friend, it’s under construction but we are building it with speed and negotiating with producers for retail. I will be adding the link here when the shop opens. I promise you, the products on that site will be just awesome. Deadline, this month.

Next week I’m also meeting a UX specialist. I had this great idea for a mobile/social media app, and now I just must create a “look alike” or “proof of concept” to show to private and public investors. Deadline is that I got something to show this month.

As a third concept I’m thinking about, is a new kind of cloud service. There are hosting companies with their own datacenters and then there are devops companies focusing more on the content and applications.

There really are not that many companies that focus on old-fashioned infra-maintenance, in the cloud. So I’m trying to build a “cloud only” infra-team, who are able to keep customers infra in shape in the public cloud. Mostly AWS, Azure and GCE (I don’t know so well other providers, maybe vCloud AIR, but to be honest, that cloud infra really is not in the big league and have never been there).

Any OS, containers, automation, microservices, site recovery etc. There are a lot of cool new solutions around the container business. ContainerX is one, Rancher is another.

There is a fourth thing I’m dreaming about, but that’s just too crazy. It’s something that will change the world, but I got a few problems with this.

First, I need absolutely crazy hardcore skilled people on the team, like the best SDN/NFV/Neutron/container specialist on the planet, before it’s even possible to start designing the concept.

I don’t think they will just come and work with some random dude from Finland. I’m also going to need some serious money for this one, like Horizon 2020 money. That’s not going to happen in the next 1-2 years.

Yesterday I got a job offer that could just mess all this up. Hope there is a way I can do everything everywhere. Let’s find out.

Weekly life events


I almost run over a snake with my bicycle. I had to stop and move it to a safe location. Someone could have run over the poor little dude. I have to say that I admire the beauty of the nature, that creature was so perfect, the little tongue and head, the eyes, the skin. Really a beautiful piece of nature art.


Missing Emil

There is a young man missing since last saturday, Emil Nurmi. Let’s hope nothing bad happened to him. I remember too well, when one brilliant dude I knew went missing (Roy Mäkikara) and he was found in the sea a few months later. I don’t want to read about a similar fate again.



Yesterday, I went to a sofa-store. I felt some evil IT project manager had taken possession over the salesperson. I showed a picture from a commercial, “Finlandia grant” sofa for 249 euros. I asked where I can find this sofa, because I could not find it on my own. She took me to an “milano city” sofa, for 278 euros, and told me this is it.


I showed her the picture again, it says “Finlandia grant”, it’s 249 euros, and most important, look – it’s not even that sofa in the picture. She got angry at me, and told me she have been working there for ten years and she know their products and run away.

What.. did.. just happen? What the hell? The commercial say it’s a giant sofa, named “Finlandia grant”, 249 euros, looking nice and big. Now I’m been showed a sofa called “Milano city” for 278 euros, which is not big and most important, not the sofa in the picture, and I’m getting yelled at? What kind of twilight zone did I just drop into?

We found the “real” Finlandia grant, the name was “Mega”. I’m sure I’m not going to buy anything from that store.





Personal characteristics

I really love the old Google company slogan, saying “Don’t be evil”. I love it, because I don’t like or want to be evil, but as the “The Phantom” say, I’m good to good people, and bad to bad people. Right is right, wrong is wrong, no exceptions. I try more to be like Buddha or Dalai Lama, but I’m not sure that’s really who I am and I don’t want to try to be anything that I’m not.

There are three “negative” characteristics that define me pretty well.

  1. I break all the rules.
  2. I do not follow hierarchy
  3. I get involved in everything
  4. I DO got the balls to execute all above

Still, I believe my most valuable skills and personality characteristics is born or developed from those three negative characteristics. Because I break the rules, I find stuff and solutions others don’t. Because I don’t follow hierarchy, I get stuff done that others don’t, because I get involved in everything, I know little about everything and got a good vision overall what is happening.

In the end, I DO respect life, human beings, other peoples property and try to respect and understand that every single human is a totally different person with own opinions. I don’t think I’m that bad the three characteristics indicates 🙂

I’ll try to write a more quality blog one day, but for now, you have to settle with this spam-like diary-type blog. I’m just too busy to put any extra effort to this blog. Got my day job, got my hobbies, got the private business projects, got two kids in the age of 3 and 4 and a lot more. 24 hours a day is just not enough for me because I need to sleep too.

URL spam

Special mention:

I found this interesting startup from Finland. Go take a look and find out more about this company. It seems pretty good.

ContainerX Debuts Multi-tenant Container Management
Docker VS AWS Lambda for Microservices
A better way to track reviews for Neutron
How Finland became a battleground in the Russia-NATO information war
Apple Creates Energy Company to Sell Renewable Energy it Generates
General Robotics Unveils Newest Combat Robot
Cloud And The Military – In The US
Rethinking Risk Management In A Hyper-Connected World
Navy Taps Northrop to Develop Laser Weapon Prototypes for Ships
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Poland, NATO kick-off biggest manoeuvres amid Russia tensions
Theory of Everything … well, in Neutron!
Get Ready For Virtual Reality and the Cloud
HP Delivers Industry First Converged System for IoT
Cold Storage in the Cloud: Comparing AWS, Google, Microsoft
How Netflix Reinvented HR
Kubeform: Kubernetes clusters in any cloud
Docker and HPE announce alliance to modernize data centers

Death, concert and no more VFR


This post will be the saddest one I’ve done so far.


There is a number of reasons I’ve missed a real father figure in my life, not many men have been around when I guess a growing little boy would have needed such a figure around. I’m not going into that now, but just as a intro to the next chapter.

In the beginning of this blog I told you how my life is filled with totally crazy events and have always been that way. I know, it can’t be just a coincidence that much bizarre and crazy stuff happens to the one and the same dude. There must be something else too. Anyway, there is one man, that I think, will make my life look just as a normal, boring, everyday life, I’ll call him “AH”.

I got crazy memories where I was just maybe 10 years old, and he took me to the woods to shoot with a magnum .357, we were working on the fields and he let me drive a real and big tractor, even if I was just maybe five years old. He took me fishing, told me crazy stories and made the world look like a big adventure. At my uncles funeral we were laughing at all crazy things we could remember what the strange uncle did. We agreed that it’s easier and funnier to remember the good and fun stuff of the deceased.

“AH” have had some big car accidents and walked out from them alive. He have come down from the sky in a airplane and walked out of that alive, he had cancer and survived and a lot of other similar events. Nothing ever killed him and I almost started to believe that he’s un-killable.

I sold my VFR to a INFOSEC dude, same day he picked the VFR up, maybe even around the same time, ~300km north, “AH” was in he’s last accident with a motorcycle. He did not walk out of that accident alive anymore. Somehow, I thought that this can’t be, a motorcycle accident killed him. But, to be honest, that’s the way I think we all who knew him, believed he will pass on to the next adventure.

I’m sure he’s advice to me would be “get a grip of yourself, this is how life works and now it was my time to go”. So, I try to get a grip of myself and remember all the fun stuff. That’s what I want to remember. I believe he had a lot to do with the way I steer my life on the bumpy and crazy roads.

Long story short. You are equipped with that personality you got, with the skills you got and all the characteristics you got. It’s not good or bad, that’s just you. You may not fit in everywhere, you may have hard times more than once – but remember – enjoy this life, this adventure, all this. You get only this one chance to be here, now, with these people, feelings, surrounding and everything else. Enjoy life. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy this crazy, interactive, totally bizarre adventure called life. Listen to this life, feel the cold and warm, touch something and realize you are touching something and feel it. Really notice you are alive! Because that WILL change one day, maybe tomorrow.


I have this little company of my own, you can call it a “startup”. Got a few small ideas, a few mid-size ideas and a few king-size ideas. One absolutely monstrous idea that will change the way everyone use computers. Last Thursday I went to a TEKES event called “innovation Thursday”. They spoke only about public funding in Finland and EU. Now I’m sure, I need to apply for public funding, because one of my ideas would qualify for H2020 EU funding and that’s just .. big.. Maybe the most promising in the public funding is that the startup or idea must concentrate on growth, and that exactly what I’m interested in. I don’t mind being rich, but I already got everything I could ask for life to give me, so in a way, I’m super rich already. What I want, is to develop my idea to a working way of life in the technology-business.


Ok, so I got my VFR sold. It was not as easy to let it go as I thought it would be. I think I sold it much too cheap. But now, after the accident, I want to sell my other custom motorcycle too. I’ll let the worst shock pass and then I’ll check this option again.

Bye bye VFR, you are absolutely the best “jack of all trades” I’ve tried. Hope the new owner will be nice to you.


“Elastinen” Private concert

I’m not too fond of Elastinens music, but I still attended a competition where I could win a avec ticket to hes private concert. Funny, but I won, and got the tickets. Elastinen have also been a judge in the finnish tv-show “The voice of Finland”, which is one of my favourite tv-shows (as you maybe know if you follow my Twitter feed).


I must say, I was surprised about the stage-energy Elastinen had. If I’d like hes music too, I probably would be a super-fan. Now I just love the energy and artistic personality Elastinen got. There is some songs too that I admit are good.


2016-05-29 13.19.54


The usual URL spam:

Have I been pwned?

Everything you need to know to get started with Neutron

Minimal MQTT: Control and Clients

The 10 most common mistakes businesses make when building a hybrid cloud

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Inside Facebook datacenter (YouTube video)

Nokia flaunts Cloud Era, IoT and 5G innovations

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Docker images and test runners that replicate the live AWS Lambda environment

How to Use the REST API to Encrypt S3 Objects by Using AWS KMS

CapTipper – Explore Malicious HTTP Traffic

The Pros and Cons of Taking Investment from Corporate VCs



IoT protocols, angry dad and NATO ships


Try to find the coolest superhero in this picture. Hint: The handsome one.hoppa



There is a lot of “things” in the internet. I’m interested in the protocols used in IoT. In technology, if you want to find out something crazy and new, you have to understand the logic and “building blocks” of the ideas that stuff is built on today.

Personally, I’m mostly interested in MQTT, XMPP and CoAP, but everything that connects anything together is a good runner up.  This was a great resource for the underlying protocols in IoT:

Bonus URL:

Hypervisors are dead

There will always be people that will not believe that the world is changing. One thing that will change, is the way we use infrastructure in the datacenters. This is just a fact and something that’s totally inevitable. To be honest, if you want to keep your seat in the future-train, you have to at least understand what and why stuff is changing around you. For virtualization and hypervisor-admins this is something you maybe want to read:

Angry dad bird       ABMovie_Terence_2

I’ve wondered how it would look like if a automatic speed camera caught me. I’ve been told that I will see the flash if that happens. One of my old colleagues, Sami, living in Germany, is taking a lot of “selfies” and now it looks like I’ve applied to join he’s “selfie-club”. This is when we were returni ng home from the angry birds movie and I was imitating “Terence”, that’s the strange sound 🙂

IRON DUKE & Álvaro de Bazán

ironduke al

This was super-cool. I hope, one day I’ll get an invitation to fly with some super-cool helicopter to some even cooler warship, somewhere where they test AEGIS and shoot some crazy bad ass missiles at even more crazier drones. And yes, lots of fighter aircrafts too. Ping NATO 🙂

Very friendly people working on both ships. I could feel the respect growing. They were very professional, even if the ships were filled with tourists and annoying civilians 🙂

I really, REALLY don’t want any war anywhere in the world. I’m a “new age hippie” who just want to hug and love everyone. But still, military technology is insanely cool and interesting – no matter who owns it.








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Drones, Birds, Clouds and Life


In this post, I want to tell how I think about the long term future of the cloud and what have not yet been seen in the military done-scene. But first, I’ll just write a “journal” about the highlights in the last few days.

As usual, I got too much things going on and even I try to keep the blog updated and post shorter posts, but more often – I don’t seem to manage to do it.

A lot on interesting things have happened again. If you remember the bike I bought and took to the repair shop, I got it back yesterday and now I got the “side-stand” and it’s working just fine. I wrote a complaint to how the bike design was just absurd. They felt bad for me and we agreed that they return 100 euros. This covered the repairs and modification. Good job!

You maybe remember the phantom4 drone I flew into the powerlines? I thought the insurance company would never, ever, pay me anything for that. I 100% honestly told them what happened, I flew the drone into the powerlines. They paid in full. Now I got to say, this is the easiest, best, cheapest insurance company I’ve ever got (a few other incidents also in the past). Way to go Turva!

Last Thursday I lost my buss-card and had to go get a new one. I’ll loose one or two a year of them, mostly because the kids hide them. Then, on Friday, I host my buss-card again, because one of the kids hide it, but this time it was so fun to see the new angry birds movie characters at the mall, I had to take a selfie with the red bird.



I had one of those mornings too, when I had some really important work to do, and when I turn on the laptop I get this frustrating HDD error. Then I did not find the buss-card, got late to work, and everything was just going to hell. What ever I did, it was like a reversed king Midas touch.



I decided to buy a FitBit Charge HR activity wristband to monitor my heart rate and sleep. Got pretty awesome statistics (except sleep), and now I just want to keep getting better stats.

2016-05-07 17.25.14



Long term future of the cloud?

I’m sure public cloud and a handful of big cloud providers is the next big thing. It’s just obvious, hands down. Serverless services, containers, elastic clouds, microservices etc. That’s what’s going to be the “cloud technology” the next 10 years. But what happens next?

I’ll tell you. Peer-to-peer cloud services. There is no way possible, any cloud provider, is able to serve the amount of storage capacity, networks and availability needed for the services in 2025+

What will happen after that? Peer-to-peer datacenters and people don’t buy devices anymore, only user interfaces. But that’s a story for 2035+

Military done mines?!

We all know the horror stories about the mines at sea. Ships and submarines have to avoid those scary big balls “floating” in the sea at different depths.

I believe, there will be similar drone-minefields in the air too. Maybe with enough intelligence to dodge and open a path for friendly aircrafts, but almost invisible and impossible to avoid for the enemies. These intelligent “air mines” can move or be stationary, or even automatically fly into approaching enemy or unidentified aircrafts or even missiles.

This could be easily deployed almost anywhere, even in the enemy airspace. They could also work as a short term “hanging bomb”. I thing drone technology is going to be crazy big thing in the next 10 years.

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Because I need to work too and I (again), don’t got too much time, I’ll just spam my URLs again. There are some really interesting stuff in the URLs 🙂

The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies (Crazy interesting story, maybe true, maybe not – but still a very interesting story)

Burger King has opened a spa in Finland (This – is really a “Finnish” Burger King. Not sure this will work anywhere else in the world)

Why Gartner’s Mode 1 / Mode 2 is Dangerous Thinking (this is something VMwares Joe Baguley spoke about when I meet him in Finland during the VMware architect forum meeting)

Old People Share Their Happiest Moments and Best Advice (must read for everyone!)

How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus (I know John McAfee is a “strange man”, but I must admit, this is hillarious).

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Superuser TV: Using Kubernetes to deploy OpenStack
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“Every time you fail, you’re little closer to success”

A few days ago I told myself, “remember, every time you fail, you’re a little closer to success”. Well, according to this self-quote, I’m a lot closer to success now than I was just two weeks ago. Looking backwards at my life, I’ve just been insanely far from success or maybe I’m just aiming for some crazy big success. Or maybe this quote is just stupid. Who knows 🙂

If you have read the past posts, you’ll notice I bought a electric bike. Now I found out it must be some engineer gone insane who have designed that model. A “middle-stand” on a bike, where the motor is in the front and the battery is on the backside, that just does not give the bike a good balance.

That bike have fallen so many times, and every time it falls, bits and pieces fly around like a bee swarm. My kids find it funny when “dads bike fell again, haha”.

Now I’ve taken the bike to the repair shop and asked them to fix everything + remove the damn stupid middle-stand and put a normal “side-stand” on it.

As some of you may know, I bought the DJI phantom 4 drone two weeks ago. I’ve filmed some of the training flights and put them on youtube. One of my old friends asked me to film inside a sports center and I did, everything went just fine, but when I come outside and wanted to take a small clip of the building itself – I flew the damn thing into the powerlines and that was it for that phantom 4, at least for now.


I did an “autopsy” on the drone, and it looks worse than it actually is. Still, this will be a long healing process for that drone. Lot’s of parts have to be ordered from DJI and lots of testing, before that little fellow is in the air again.





I had this funny idea, where some students could use my networks, hardware, company etc. to have a summer job. Maybe get some incomes and learn something about business, flying drones, video editing etc. But now I had to re-think this one. Solution was to buy another phantom 4.

I’m sure I or “we” could sell pictures or UHD videoclips to customers,  something like this (raw footage, no editing, but with a little editing, this could be awesome):


Now my money is running out and I really need to get my Honda VFR sold. Sad thing is that only one dude have been asking about the honda and I don’t know why. The price should be good, it’s in perfect condition, it’s a very attractive bike with great performance. It’s a “jack of all trades”.

I have found this OpenStack podcast that is very good. It’s fun, easy going and very good way of spending your time on the way to work.

I also bought this fitbit charge HR to monitor my heartbeat and sleep patterns. I hope this will not be one more case of “closer to success”. I’ve got enough of that for a while now 🙂


It’s just crazy when I’m so interested in so many things. I don’t know where to put my focus. Security, IT operations, Devops, Cloud architectures, containers, automation, drones, electronics, outdoor activities, my own company, the compnay I work for, friends etc. I don’t know how other people manage their time, but I certainly got some issues with this.

Let’s move on to the URL spamming. Again, a lot of very interesting stuff going on. Now I don’t got time to categorize these.

1. Digital transformation: Why it’s important to your organization
2. MISP – Malware Information Sharing Platform
3. Windows God Mode being used to help spread malware
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7. Facebook rewarded a 10-year-old with $10,000
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16. Where Time Gets Lost at Work
17. Windows Subsystem for Linux Overview
18. Google to Build and Lease Data Centers in Big Cloud Expansion
19. Deploying Kubernetes with Ansible and Terraform
20. Bypass Application Whitelisting Script Protections

And a little bonus ..

Apple should pay more tax, says co-founder Wozniak


My nerd life highlights, me & ‘Woz’ 🙂


Busy busy busy

All of my four babies <3

I’ve been super-busy for a week now and continue to be for at least one week more. Not so much with regular work, but with the kids. My spouse have been in London and now she’s in Oulu, leaving me alone with the kids. That would not yet be a problem, but my son have had fever two times already during this time, creating small logistical problems when I need to get my daughter to and from the kindergarten.

I did have one moment for myself a few days ago, and I was able to do two quick flights with the phantom 4. Those of you who live or know Espoo, and more specific “Matinkylä” and “Haukilahti”, maby recognice these areas in the videos.

I once wrote this post already, then MS gave me the blue surprise. You know the feeling, when you are four seconds away from pressing “Publish” and then ..


You get this instant WTF you SOB and get the urgent need to “uninstall explorer”.

Anyway, there have been some really interesting news in the last few days. One thing caught my eye while writing this post. A pastebin post how hacking team got hacked. This is very interesting, this someone have explained everything in a good detail. This is a need to read for itsec pros and not so pros.

Original news where I found this from :

Hacker: This is how I broke into Hacking Team


I’ll try to categorize the URL spamming a little:



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Navy Conducts Virtual Reality Demo Aboard Destroyer

I’m on the Kill List. This is what it feels like to be hunted by drones <- Special mention. This is an interesting story I need to follow.

N. Korea offers to send ‘abducted’ defectors’ parents to South


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Stateless Hypervisors at Scale <- One reason I really want to go to OpenStack Austin 2016 :/

Microsoft: Bigger Underwater Data Center in the Works


Facebook Chef cookbooks

Facebook’s F8 event in less than 90 seconds


5 incredible aerobatic maneuvers by the Russian Knights


The growing popularity of IoT





Can’t get any sleep. I’m watching my kids sleep, and I realize something. I’ve got something that’s more precious than anything anyone can imagine. I would not change one moment or smile from my kids for anything, not for Amazons Jeff’s property, not for invisibility and flying capabilities, not for a million unicorn startups, not for the title of the president of the universe and beyond. Literally nothing is more precious and important to me.

Sometimes we get carried away at work, relationships, with friends or somewhere else. The strange thing about humans are that we don’t realize how important and specially how amazing thing just being alive and existing is.

We complain about almost anything, and forget to wonder about the magical moment of just this second, feel the air around us, hear the sounds and voices, feel the breath you take, see the colors or shapes. Maybe feel the cold or warm. Just existing is something so cool, that it’s hard to imagine anyone come up with anything cooler.

One thing is for sure. For all of us. This amazing adventure will end. It will, and there is literally nothing that can stop that from happening.

With these words, rest in peace “comp”. He passed away last night. One more member of the “hard life club”  found out what happens when this adventure ends.